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Product Detail
AU Business Directory 2016
AU Business Directory 2016

The Australian Business Database is the best value source of business data available.

Data validated against business and public databases (including Australia Post and the Australian Business Names Register) to maintain accuracy and maximise content. Data is also cross checked against telephone and business directories.

1.67+ million records
- 512,000+ records with fax numbers
- 282,000+ records with email addresses
- 356,000+ records with website addresses
- 220,000+ records with est. number of employees listed
- 115,000+ records with est. annual revenue listed
- 349,000+ records with year business commenced listed
- 297,000+ records with ABN listed

- 2,575 business headings (business categories)

Business/organisation name.
Address. Suburb. State. Postcode.
Phone number. Fax number.
Email address. Website.
Employee size. Annual revenue, ABN number.
Business heading (classification).

Please note: not all fields contain data. See sample file for more details.

Please download a sample file. The file contains sample of data, list of business headings and the number of listings per business heading.

Updates are available with a 50% discount for existing customers. We'll email when an update is available.

The data you receive is in comma delimited format (csv) format, which means you can easily open the file in Excel (2007 or later) or many other popular database or contact manager software. We also include a copy of CSVed, a powerful CSV file editor to make manipulating your data even easier.

Full instructions of how to use your data are provided when your data is shipped.

Delivery: Online within 6 hours of order

File: Delivered in two formats:

1) CSV file AND 2) Excel 2007 format - whole database in 1 Excel file - we have placed drop down filters on top of columns to make searching and copying data easy (no need to have database program) -

NOTE older versions of EXCEL will only open 65,000 lines - so either Excel 2007 or other database program such as Access required


Our Price:  349.00  AUD

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